ThreatStream changes its name to Anomali, unveils products to help with threat intelligence overload


ThreatStream, a Redwood City, California-based provider of the Optic threat intelligence platform, Monday announced it is changing its name to Anomali and launching two new products to help enterprises with threat intelligence overload.

Hugh Njemanze, CEO of ThreatStream (now Anomali), told FierceITSecurity that his company decided to change its name because of shifts in the security information and event management, or SIEM, market and a change of direction for the company.

"We have been expanding the range of technologies that we are building, so I thought it would be a good time [to change our name] as we launch a new suite of products…We wanted a name that is more of a horizontal security name to give us room to introduce many different kinds of solutions and not just threat streaming into SIEMs and other tools," said Njemanze.

The products launched Monday are Harmony Breach Analytics for mid-to-large enterprises and the Anomali Threat Analysis Reports Service for small to medium-sized businesses. The new products use threat intelligence to find attacks at each phase of the attack chain, Anomali explained.

"Most of the SIEMs tools that consume intelligence information were never designed to scale to the numbers of threat that are now being provided by feeds out there….As a feed broker, we are handle over 70 million indicators at a given time. Yet, the largest SIEM tool can consume less than 1 million IoCs [indicators of compromise]. We decided there has to be a better way of providing threat indicators and threat intelligence to tools that really couldn't absorb them," Njemanze observed.

The new technology Anomali is rolling out will address the dual problems of scalability and threat intelligence overload for enterprises, Njemanze said.

Anomali projects more than a 39 percent growth in active indicators every month and will have curated more than 100 million IoCs by the end of 2016 with nearly 40 million categorized as active.

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