Spam, hackers fuel rise in messaging security gateway market, says Infonetics

Mobile messaging security gateway market to reach $70M this year

Fueled by increasing spam and hacking activity, the mobile messaging security gateway market is forecast by Infonetics Research to reach $70 million in 2013, a 70 percent year-over-year increase.

Mobile carriers are pumping more money into messaging security gateway products. Leading vendors include Cloudmark and AdaptiveMobile; other vendors in the space are Anam, Comviva, Mahindra Cellusys, Protei, Symsoft and Oracle's Tekelec.

Infonetics predicts that the SMS/MMS security gateway market will increase at a 56 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2017.

"The popularity of SMS and MMS has soared over the last decade, but carriers around the globe are just now beginning to seriously evaluate and deploy SMS/MMS security gateway solutions, forced by economic, regulatory, and attack conditions," says Jeff Wilson, principal analyst for security at Infonetics.

"A trend we're seeing as a result of regulatory pressure is major carriers in a region looking at SMS/MMS security solutions as a group and selecting a single vendor or technology, causing initial adoption to happen at once in that country or region, like Cloudmark/TeleDNA's recent deployment in India."

Wilson expects the SMS/MMS security gateway market to go through a round of consolidation in 2014, with networking and telecom equipment suppliers and network security players entering the market and acquiring smaller companies.

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