Sending off mobile devices to safe, happy retirement


A survey last year (yes, conducted by mobile security firm Fiberlink) found that nearly 7 in 10 users don't wipe memory before disposing of their old mobile device.

Stolen smartphones are enough of a threat to data, but this? On Dark Reading, Kelly Jackson Higgins provides straightforward tips for making sure corporate or personal data doesn't get lost in the process of retiring mobile devices.

- iOS and Android phones and tablets feature a Reset function, which nukes nearly all apps and data. ("Nearly"? See next point.) 

- As with old-timey PC-wiping software, experts recommend running the function twice to better ensure all data has truly been erased.

- Memory cards are often overlooked, and aren't necessarily affected by the Reset function. Forrester analyst Tyler Shields notes that some Android users set their devices to save to the SD card first, which makes it a treasure trove of forgotten data. SD and SIM cards should be pulled from the device prior to decommissioning.

- Dark Reading also looks at the importance of keeping employees informed about data destruction and device decommissioning procedures.

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