Majority of malicious bot traffic made in the USA


The majority of malicious bot traffic came from the United States last year and nearly half of malicious bot traffic within the U.S. hit sites between 6 pm and 9 pm EST, according to research from Distil Networks.

The largest bad bot of 2013 was "Pushdo," which affected 4.2 million IP addresses and four million computers.

For its Bad Bot Landscape Report, Distil aggregated data from Distil Networks' global, cloud-based bot detection and mitigation system during 2013.

"The bad bot landscape is evolving fast, causing varied levels of harm to all Internet stakeholders, especially website owners. Bad bot volume will continue to grow for one simple reason--bots are an effective means to an end for the dark side of the Internet community," says Distil CEO and co-founder Rami Essaid.

The report found that bad bots nearly doubled in their percentage of all web traffic between the first quarter and fourth quarter of 2013, increasing from 12.25 percent to 23.6 percent. By contrast, the percentage of good bots to overall web traffic decreased over the same period, from 27.2 percent to 19.4 percent.

In terms of industries, the financial services sector had more organizations serving a high percentage of bad bot traffic.

Distil found that the mobile bad bot threat is gaining significance, with bad bots running across nine of the top ten mobile operators.

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- check out Distil's release
- read the full report (reg. req.)

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