IT managers not confident their firms could pass security compliance audit

DataMotion survey finds disconnect between IT, non-IT employees

Fewer than half of IT managers polled by email security provider DataMotion are confident that their company could pass a security compliance audit.  

This compares with 65 percent of non-IT employees who are confident their firm could pass a compliance audit, suggesting that there is a perception gap when it comes to security, according to the survey of 400 IT and business decision makers by DataMotion.

Both IT and non-IT employees agreed that their company has a formal process for updating and communicating security and compliance policies for electronic file transfers, but around one in three respondents believed that employees did not fully understand these policies.

"This suggests IT management needs to more effectively communicate policies and create greater awareness of risks and fallout from violations, particularly with non-IT employees," observes DataMotion.

A disturbing 79.5 percent of respondents believe employees routinely or occasionally violate security and compliance policies for transferring files electronically.

Only 44 percent of respondents said their firm has a BYOD policy, yet 87 percent said they their company permits employees to use mobile devices to access corporate email.

"IT has to keep pace, which is why the communications disconnect with non-IT employees, as well as the risks being taken, require immediate attention. Furthermore, regulatory developments in many industries have expanded; meaning companies not previously covered, might be now. Failing to comply can be devastating," commented Bob Janacek, chief technology officer at DataMotion.

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