Infographic: More than 111 million health records compromised last year


Health care data is becoming more and more attractive to cybercriminals as they become more adept at monetizing medical data.

In fact, last year more than 111 million individual health records were compromised, according to data presented by behavioral attack detection firm LightCyber in an infographic.

At least 36 new active network attacks on health care organizations are currently in progress that will result in a data breach discovered this year, according to LightCyber. An active network attack involves an attacker gaining access to an employee's network account or computer, exploring the network to find data, securing access to sensitive data, and then sending the data out of the organization.

LightCyber, which obviously has an interest in highlighting network security problems, said that less than 5 percent of health care organizations have the ability to detect an active network attack.

The number of stolen health care records last year is staggering, making up 35 percent of the U.S. population.

For the full-size infographic, click here.

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