GRC, security risks pose obstacles to enterprise adoption of social networking


Governance, risk management and compliance issues, as well as security concerns, will be key challenges to the adoption of enterprise social networking, warns market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Security attacks against social networking sites are on the rise, cautions security firm Websense. It estimates that more than half of social networking sites are "only two clicks away" from malware and other security risks.  

To address GRC and security issues, social media management firm HootSuite recently launched its managed security and compliance services product to address enterprise concerns about using social media. The platform creates a secure environment for policy management and enforcement for the enterprises to protect their brands and data against internal and external security and compliance risks, the firm explains.

"While businesses have adopted social media in record numbers, the lack of governance puts enterprises at risk for online security and compliance breaches. Our new managed services are designed to equip the enterprise with the right tools and response plans so they can safely use social media to grow their business while protecting their brand," says Greg Gunn, vice president of alliances, business development and platform at HootSuite.

Despite the risks, once enterprise social networking matures and firms understand its value, adoption will increase rapidly. Frost & Sullivan forecasts that enterprise social platform subscribers will more than double, from 208 million last year to 535 million in 2018.

"Enterprise social networking continues to have mass appeal as it combines the user-friendliness and relationship-oriented nature of consumer social media with more powerful features and enterprise-grade control," says Robert Arnold, information and communication technologies program manager and industry principal at Frost & Sullivan.

Arnold cautioned that each organization needs to measure performance of social networking based on its specific situation.

"Organizations of all sizes across different industries could benefit from enterprise social networking solutions. It will be important, however, for end users globally to determine the best deployment model (hosted or premises-based), features and use what will deliver the most value for them," Arnold concludes.

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