FinalCode steps up enterprise file sharing security game with latest platform


Enterprises are increasingly falling victim to data leakage from file sharing tools. A recent study by EMA Research found that 83 percent of mid-tier and large enterprises experienced a file data leakage incident last year and 50 percent experienced frequent incidents last year.

To help IT departments address this growing threat, FinalCode has released the latest version of its file security platform, version 5.

Source: FinalCode

FinalCode 5 has added 50 new enterprise features, including an enhanced graphical user interface that makes it easier to apply and manage multiple policies to a file; access and usage policy enforcement and remote usage log capture for off-line users; automatic information rights management controls applied to files placed in monitored network folders; and installation by external users without requiring administrative system rights.

Gord Boyce, CEO of FinalCode, told FierceITSecurity that FinalCode 5 is the only file security platform to support computer-aided design systems, such as AutoDesk, Dassault and Lattice.

"We see an explosion of collaboration tools, such as Box, Dropbox and Google Cloud. All of those things allow for enterprise users to make their own decisions about how they are going to collaborate. It's evolving quickly, and you can't get away from privacy and compliance liabilities," explained Boyce.

FinalCode 5 uses encryption to secure data in files, and Boyce does not believe that encryption interferes with collaboration process.

"Data leakage is not a new problem, but systems that enterprises have put in place in the last 20 years have been hard to use, clunky and expensive. We have worked hard at making our product easy to use," said Boyce.

The FinalCode 5 platform, which can be implemented as cloud-based or an on-premise virtual appliance, is generally available with annual enterprise subscription pricing starting at $19 per user per month for up to 100 users. The FinalCode client, used by external file recipients, is available free of charge and supports Windows, Apple and Android devices.

FinalCode competes with the likes of CipherCloud, Vormetics, Imperva, Checkpoint and Seclore in the enterprise file security space.

For more:
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[Update: The list of FinalCode's competitors in the last paragraph was changed to reflect feedback from the company.]