Do software-defined data centers put your data at risk?


SAN FRANCISCO – There is an increasing trend among enterprises to opt for software-defined data centers to improve efficiency, flexibility and provisioning and reduce costs. But is the move to virtualize the data center putting their company's confidential data at risk?

On behalf of Intel and cloud security firm HyTrust, OnePoll asked more than 500 senior IT and business executives what they thought about software-defined data centers and data security. HyTrust provided a copy of the survey results to FierceITSecurity here at the RSA Conference.

More than half of respondents said they expect more data breaches and other security problems in software-defined data centers.

In addition, close to half of respondents said that they anticipated more issues involving compliance and auditing with software-defined data center deployments. More than one-third said that the perception of inadequate security is holding back deployments.

At the same time, more than two-thirds of respondents said they expect security to be less of an obstacle to greater adoption of software-defined data centers by the end of this year because companies will be putting greater focus on security.

Also, more than 60 percent of respondents see increased adoption and faster deployment of software-defined data centers by the end of this year.

"Cloud security has always been the number-one inhibitor to cloud adoption, whether it is public or private. I think there is a big push to move toward higher-efficiency technologies, such as network and storage virtualization, and there is a greater understanding of what needs to be addressed in terms of security," Eric Chiu, president of HyTrust, told FierceITSecurity.

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