Microsoft's Active Directory is missing link in Target breach saga

Once the Target attackers penetrated the retailer's network using stolen credentials from a third party vendor, they exploited weaknesses in Microsoft's Active Directory to get access to the core of its network, according to an analysis by security firm Aorato.

Spotlight: Google releases security audits to ease customers' worries

Google has released two security audits to the public in an effort to ease data security concerns of its cloud, enterprise and education customers, CNET reports.

Two-thirds of IT pros subject to weekly phishing attacks

Two-thirds of IT pros experience phishing attacks at least once a week, according to a survey of 205 U.S. IT pros by Ipsos Observer on behalf of HP TippingPoint.

300 Norwegian energy firms targeted in major cyber attack

Around 300 energy firms in Norway were targeted by one of the largest every cyberattacks in Norway, according to a report by The Local, a Norwegian news site.

Report: Russian hackers stole gigabytes of sensitive data from U.S. banks

Russian hackers stole data from JPMorgan Chase and at least one other bank this month, apparently in retaliation for sanctions imposed on Russia over its dispute with Ukraine, sources tell Bloomberg.


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