• How not to handle a data breach

    I'm still amazed at how poorly large companies handle data breaches, but Sony Pictures has brought its mishandling to new heights. This could be a playbook on how not to handle a data breach.

Spotlight: The 'Grinch' that stole Linux

A vulnerability, dubbed the "Grinch," has been uncovered in the Linux platform that can lead to privilege escalation, warns security firm Alert Logic in a blog.

Fraud based on altcoin sold hardware to investors but never delivered

Many people hoping to get rich off the seemingly easy process of mining for cryptocurrency have been forced to do business with companies of uncertain reputations, mostly due to the nascent nature of the technology, which can give rise to scams.

Spammers change tactics to avoid email security scan

Spammers have changed their tactics, luring victims into clicking on malicious links rather than sending them malicious attachments, according to security firm Symantec.

North Korean malware that infected Sony network is well-known and 'simplistic,' says Cisco

The malware that infected Sony Pictures' network and was apparently developed in North Korean's military, is not sophisticated and could have been stopped by a defense-in-depth IT security strategy.

Kmart failed to take 'elementary' security measures to prevent data breach, charges bank

First NBC Bank has filed a class action lawsuit against Kmart for the data breach that exposed credit and debit card numbers of customers at more than 1,200 stores, Courthouse News Service reports.


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Security researchers warn of vulnerability in embedded Web servers that could expose millions of routers to hacking.


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