Spotlight: HP beefs up SureStart to provide self-healing for a PC's BIOS

HP has beefed up its SureStart product to protect PCs from attacks on their basic input/output system, which boots the PC, eWeek reports.

Adobe releases two separate updates for Flash Player to fix critical flaws

Adobe has released two separate updates of its Flash Player just two days apart as it scrambled to resolve two critical flaws that are being actively exploited.

Many connect home-based IoT devices to corporate network despite risks

Employees at critical infrastructure firms are not just connecting their laptops and mobile phones to the corporate network from home, they are also connecting Internet of Things devices residing on their home network to the corporate network.

IT security teams worry that websites are the soft underbelly of their security armor

Many IT security pros are worried that their company's website is the soft underbelly of their security armor. Websites are often developed and deployed hastily to meet a pressing market need with little thought to security.

PFP Cybersecurity monitors 'anomalies' in chip 'fingerprint' to detect attacks early

PFP Cybersecurity has launched a platform that can detect power "anomalies" on devices by monitoring the "fingerprint" of chips, providing firms with an early warning system for cyberattacks, explains a report by eWeek.


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