• Are the Keystone Cops running the nuclear power industry?

    According to a study by think tank Chatham House, top industry executives as well as nuclear plant personnel lack an understanding of cybersecurity risks and basic cybersecurity best practices. And communication between operational plant personnel and cybersecurity personnel is often difficult.

New Moker RAT can bypass security measures, take control of devices

A new remote access tool, dubbed Moker by the researchers who discovered it, can disable security measures and take complete control of a victim's computer.

Cyber insurance could even the hacker-infested playing field for SMBs

Though it's the large corporations that are splashed across headlines after high-profile breaches, small- to medium-sized businesses are just as frequent a target for hackers, according to a panel of experts.

Huawei won't patch routers with critical security holes

Chinese telecom gear maker Huawei does not plan to patch critical security flaws in a number of widely used routers because it no longer supports the devices, reported security researcher Pierre Kim on Wednesday.

IT security budgets rise for the first time in years, PwC report finds

For the first time in a number of years, IT security budgets have increased, up a healthy 24 percent year-over-year in 2015, according to PricewaterhouseCooper's annual Global State of Information Security Survey report released on Wednesday.

Hackers used Outlook Web Access as vector for APT attack, says report

Researchers have uncovered an attack in which hackers were able to launch a sophisticated advanced persistent threat attack via Outlook Web Access, according to a new report from Cybereason.


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Microsoft says it has isolated the issue, and is working on Apple on a fix for a problem that causes Office for Mac 2016 running on the just-released version of OS X to crash. 


HP announced today that the Securities and Exchange Commission declared effective its Form 10 proceedings, one of the final steps the company must take to formally split.