Serious denial of service bug found in BIND DNS software

A serious software bug has been found in BIND, the mostly widely deployed domain name system software on the planet. The remotely exploitable flaw could result in an attacker sending malformed DNS queries to crash the service and has no effective mitigation strategies beyond patching the software as soon as possible.

Chinese government appears behind United, OPM and Anthem breaches, says Bloomberg

Chinese government-sponsored attackers appear to be behind breaches at United Airlines, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and health insurer Anthem, according to unnamed investigators cited in a Bloomberg report.

Yes, Adobe Flash is a mess, but don't forget to patch Reader

Securities flaws in Adobe Flash have been reported on a lot lately, but unpatched vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader are also a major security concern for IT departments, according to a report by vulnerability intelligence firm Secunia.

Android takes another blow

A researcher from Trend Micro reported a flaw in more than half of Android smartphones that an attacker could exploit to render an Android phone "apparently dead – silent, unable to make calls, with a lifeless screen."

Adobe Flash exploits on the rise, while Java exploits decline, says Cisco

While hackers are increasingly exploiting Adobe Flash vulnerabilities, Java exploits are on the decline, according to the 2015 Mid-Year Security Report by Cisco.


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Google is providing Android app developers new beta-testing options, including open beta and closed beta usuing email addresses, Ellie Powers, product manager for Google Play, announced Thursday in a blog post.


Jive Software has unveiled a mobile app called Circle that provides a secure interactive directory with employee location information and an organizational chart.