Spotlight: FBI expands investigation into celebrity photo theft

The FBI is expanding its investigation into the theft of multiple clebrities' photos. 

Bitcoin architect's email hacked, advocate starts online bounty program

The email address previously used by Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto appears to have been infiltrated by one or more hackers. The intruders made threats to release personal information about Nakamoto if a ransom was not met, but they have gone silent since the initial communications and the address is now shut down, according to an article at Forbes.

Government watchdog slams CFPB for slipshod data security, privacy practices

The Government Accountability Office says the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau comes up short in protecting the consumer credit card and mortgage loan information that it collects.

Home Depot knew about data security issues as far back as 2008, say former employees

Despite being warned about security problems as far back as 2008, Home Depot did little to beef up its data security, former employees charge.

Unpatched Oracle software hole puts hundreds of thousands at risk, warn researchers

An Oracle software hole could enable hackers to steal personal information, such as social security numbers, dates of birth, as well as private student records, transcripts and grades, according to security researchers Bryan Seely and Ben Caudill.


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