• This security hole could stop your heart

    To improve the security of medical device software, IEEE has developed guidelines for medical device manufacturers to incorporate security best practices into software development and production of those devices.

KCodes NetUSB flaw threatens long list of network devices

CERT has issued an alert warning of a serious vulnerability in NetUSB, a widely deployed feature that is embedded in a large number of networking appliances. Created by a company called Knodes, NetUSB is a Linux module kernel that allows users to share the use of USB-based devices over the local network.

'Perfect storm' is brewing in cybersecurity, warns Schneider Electric CSO

A "perfect storm" is brewing in cybersecurity that threatens to disrupt the corporate world. That is the assessment of George Wrenn, Cyber Security Officer with Schneider Electric, which provide energy systems for critical infrastructure firms.

Many agree sharing threat intelligence is good, few companies doing it

Despite the agreed value of sharing threat intelligence, only 37 percent of firms surveyed by the Enterprise Strategy Group regularly share internal threat intelligence with other companies or industry information sharing and analysis centers.

Spotlight: Delphix acquires Axis Technology to beef up its DaaS data masking

To improve its ability to offer companies data masking technology, data-as-a-service provider Delphix has acquired Axis Technology Software, a Boston-based data masking provider.

CareFirst becomes 3rd BlueCross BlueShield health insurer to be hit by major data breach this year

Hackers were able to penetrate health insurance provider CareFirst's systems and steal personal information on 1.1 million subscribers, becoming the third BlueCross BlueShield health insurance provider to be breached this year.


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