Spotlight: Oracle plugs more than 100 security holes

Oracle has released security patches for more than 100 vulnerabilities, including 37 in its Java SE product.

Personal data breaches on the rise, Pew finds

More U.S. Internet users had their personal information stolen in the second half of 2013 than in the first half, according to surveys conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International for the Pew Research Center.

Undocumented IT changes open firms up to breaches, survey finds

A majority of IT pros have made undocumented changes to their IT systems that no one else knows about, resulting in increased system downtime and security risk, according to a survey of 577 IT pros by Netwrix, a provider of change auditing of IT infrastructure.

Infographic: Malware was big in 2013

Malware was big in 2013, and began targeting mobile devices in earnest. The top malware threats last year were ransomware, Android malware, the Blackhole exploit kit and PUPs, according to an Infographic put together by security firm Arellia.

Mounties get their man: Heartbleed breach suspect arrested

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have arrested a 19-year-old Canadian man for a data breach at the Canada Revenue Agency in which the Heartbleed bug was exploited to steal social insurance numbers of 900 individuals.


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