• Beware of Metadata!

    So keep in mind that metadata lurks in Word docs, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides, and ensure that the sensitive metadata is scrubbed before sharing those files with colleagues, contractors and customers.

Spotlight: Critical ICS still vulnerable to Heartbleed

Critical industrial control systems made by Siemens remain vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug in Open SSL software, despite its disclosure three months ago.

Widespread password re-use opens US firms up to security breaches

U.S. employees and employers are extremely lax about password use, opening their firms to possible security breaches.

Proposed NY Bitcoin regulation to secure market draws criticism

Some financial agencies are moving past the critical and hesitant stage of dealing with Bitcoin into a more tolerant and regulatory phase. The idea is to make the Bitcoin market less susceptible to fraud and crashes, but enthusiasts fear that too much regulation will squash the cryptocurrency.

Backdoors in iPhones could give NSA, hackers access to sensitive data, says researcher

Apple has inserted backdoors into iPhones that could enable an unauthorized person to harvest pictures, text messages and other sensitive data from the device without the user's knowledge, Jonathan Zdziarski, an iOS jailbreaker and forensic expert, told attendees of the Hope X conference held in New York over the weekend.

Goodwill hunting for info on possible credit card breach

Goodwill Industries confirms that it is working with the U.S. Secret Service to find out information about a possible theft of credit and debit card numbers from its customers, security researcher Brian Krebs reports.


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