Spotlight: Attackers using SSDP to ramp up DDoS attack size

Attackers are targeting the simple service discovery protocol to ramp up the size of distributed denial-of-service attacks, warns a report by Verisign cited in a TechTarget article.

Sophisticated Regin trojan spies on businesses, government, says Symantec

Security firm Symantec has uncovered new highly sophisticated malware called Regin that is reminiscent of Duqu in terms of its espionage and surveillance capabilities. Regin is a backdoor Trojan that displays a "degree of technical competence rarely seen," suggesting that it was developed by a nation state, says a blog by Symantec Security Response team.

Most WordPress sites vulnerable to critical XSS flaw

Most WordPress sites could be vulnerable to a cross-site scripting, or XSS, flaw that has existed for more than four years, according to security researchers at Klikki Oy.


Craigslist's DNS records hijacked, users redirected to 'Digital Gangster'

On Sunday, Craigslist's DNS records were hijacked by hackers, and users were redirected to other sites, including the "Digital Gangster" web board owned by rapper and hacker Bryce Case Jr., reports Ars Technica.

Most Tor users' identities could be uncovered using Cisco's Netflow tool, says researcher

Most users of the anonymous Tor network could be identified using Cisco's Netflow traffic monitoring tool, according to research by India's Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology cited by The Register.


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