• Companies are being KOed after DDoS jabs

    If I might use a boxing analogy, cybercriminals are "jabbing" companies with short-duration DDoS attacks to distract them from the right-cross of a major data breach.

Spotlight: China keeps crown as top source of attack traffic

China has easily retained its crown as the top source of attack traffic, originating more than three times the observed attack traffic as second place holder U.S., according fourth quarter data compiled by Akamai.

Initiative to improve security backfires on Hilton

In a twist of irony, an initiative by Hilton Hotels & Resorts to prompt members to change the passwords of their account culminated in the discovery of a bug that could allow hackers to take over any number of accounts, if they knew the 9-digit number of a valid account.

Cisco plugs 16 security holes in operating system for its routers and switches

On Wednesday, Cisco released its semiannual security advisory for IOS software and IOS XE software, plugging 16 security holes that could result in "denial of service condition or interface wedge."

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter and others call for major reform in government surveillance law

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other members of the Reform Government Surveillance, along with other tech firms and privacy advocates, sent a letter [pdf] Wednesday to President Barack Obama and key members of Congress calling for reform of the government surveillance law.

Android security bug could enable attacker to replace legitimate app with malware

Android's poor security reputation won't be helped by the recent revelation of vulnerability in the Android OS that could enable attackers to hijack the installation of the Android Package File app and gain control of the device.


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