Computer, USB drives at German nuclear power plant crawling with malware, says operator

A computer system used to monitor fuel rods in a Germany nuclear power plant is crawling with malware, the plant's operator, German utility RWE, admitted this week.

Minecraft community Lifeboat breached, personal data on 7M users leaked

The Minecraft community Lifeboat has been hacked and personal information, including usernames, email addresses and passwods, on 7 million users has been stolen, according to security researcher Troy Hunt.

Exploit in Waze app lets hackers track users' locations

A major security flaw that lets hackers track the movements of Waze users is still active, despite the navigation app supposedly fixing the vulnerability in a January update. And this type of vulnerability could be exploited in other types of apps.

North American managed security services market is expected to reach close to $27B in 2020, says IHS

Increasing cyberthreats against companies and governments is spurring growth in managed security services, or MSS. According to market research firm IHS, the North America MSS market is expected to grow at a 10.9 percent compound annual growth rate from $16 billion last year to $26.9 billion in 2020.

Hackers compromise networks in minutes, firms take weeks to discover breaches

In most data breaches examined by Verizon in its Data Breach Investigations Report, or DBIR, released Tuesday, it took attackers minutes to compromise corporate systems, but it took firms weeks or longer to discover the compromise.


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